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How do you do. I live in Kyoto from 20 years before. Usually, I photograph the scenery of Kyoto. The rows of houses of Kyoto, a shrine, a temple, and scenery are introduced.

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I live in Kyoto for 20 years. I like Kyoto. I proceed to an important place of the temple, the Shinto shrine, and the history of Kyoto on holiday every day. The desire is won the great number of people, a lot of buildings, and events. There might historically be a fact not known still in here Kyoto in the place where the great number of people is taken an active part.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Do you know Isamu Kondo of the "SINSENGUMI" ?

That his wife sewed for guard for husband and "Isami" wrote "Docro"is in the undergarment as disregarding.
Men who came to Kyoto must in the wave in the age and the end of shogunate at that time to the center in the age led to playing at or considerable power in the age of the warlike age...

There are a lot of temples and Shinto shrines in Kyoto.

I want to talk about Mibu Temple this time.


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